Windows 10 21H2 turns off Aero Share “shake to minimize” by default

With Windows 7, Microsoft added “Aero Shake”, a feature that
lets you shake the window to minimize all open windows on your
desktop except one. Aero Shake is easy to use and it can be
accidentally triggered if users select the title bar of the
window holding the left mouse button and shake the mouse back
and forth quickly.

Aero Shake is essentially a multitasking feature and anyone can
use it to minimize other open windows on the desktop to the
taskbar except the one selected using the left mouse button. If
you want to restore the minimized windows, you’ve to shake the
title bar again and windows will reappear.

The problem with Aero Shake is that it’s a hit and miss process
and it takes some practice to get used to it. Likewise, users
can also accidentally minimize all of the open windows without
realizing what happened.

Earlier this year, we reported that Microsoft is planning to
discontinue the Aero Shake feature with Windows 10’s Sun Valley
refresh. However, it seems like the feedback from testers
justified its inclusion in Windows 10.

In the latest preview builds, the Aero Shake feature is now
turned off by default. However, if you’re interested in the
multitasking feature, you can enable the feature by navigating
to the multitasking settings page, as shown in the screenshot

Aero Shake

For advanced users, it can be enabled via the Registry Editor.
To turn on the feature using Registry Editor, users need to
create a “DisallowShaking” DWORD entry and use the value of

As we pointed out in February, it also appears that

Windows 10 Sun Valley Update will include new multitasking

For example, there’s a new multitasking feature that will allow
you to drag app windows to corners of the screen and they’ll
resize automatically to enable a “side by side” multitasking
experience, internally known as “Snap-based task group”.

This feature will allow users to easily use multiple apps,
especially on touch-enabled devices.

I’m also told that Microsoft is working on a new touch and
gestures experience for Windows 10 Sun Valley. We’ll share more
details next month.

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