Windows 10 20H1 improves apps sideloading, adds MSIX support

Windows 10 developer settings

Similar to other platforms like Android, Windows 10 also allows
users to sideload apps (APPX/MSIX) outside the Microsoft Store.
If you enable sideloading on Windows 10, you can install apps
that you created or downloaded on your computer and it hasn’t
gone through the Microsoft Store certification.

In May 2019 Update or older, if you want to install a signed
MSIX package, you have to enable sideloading on Windows 10.
Starting with
Windows 10 Build 18956 (20H1), sideloading is enabled by
default and users or businesses can easily deploy a signed
package without configuring the system.

“As of Windows Insider Build 18956, sideloading is enabled by
default. Now, you can deploy a signed package onto a device
without a special configuration,” Microsoft said in revised
about sideloading.

According to a tweet by John
Vintzel who is Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft,
Windows 10 Build 18956 makes MSIX a native file format and
Developer mode settings has been simplified in this release.

In Windows 10 20H1, Microsoft has removed ‘Microsoft Store
apps’ and ‘Sideload apps’ options from Developers settings.
There’s now only one option ‘Developer mode’ which is just an
on and off switch.

Windows 10 20H1 dev settings
Before and After

“Using Windows Insider build 18956? You might notice there is
no longer a sideloading setting for MSIX. Just like .msi or
setup.exe we are native to the OS. Developer mode is just an
on/off switch now too,” John detailed the new changes on
Windows 10 20H1.

While Windows 10 19H2 is going to be a
quality update with battery backup improvements, Windows 10
20H1 is said to include a number of significant improvements
and new features, including updated sideloading experience.

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