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Windows 10 19H1 update could remove the legacy volume mixer shortcut

Windows 10 modern volume mixer

Microsoft’s most recent Windows 10 19H1 update comes with some
minor changes. For example, Microsoft has added a new feature
allows users to unpin group from the Start Menu. Similarly,
there is another small change that suggests the legacy volume
mixer will be depreciated in a future release.

In Windows 10 19H1 Build 18272, clicking on ‘Open Volume Mixer’
option in sound’s context menu will open the modern volume
mixer settings page instead of the legacy volume mixer.

It’s important to note the Sound settings always included a
modern volume mixer but ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option in
taskbar launched the legacy volume mixer. This is going to
change with Windows 10 19H1 as the update would replace the old
volume mixer shortcut with new modern experience.

Volume Mixer
‘Open Volume Mixer’ option won’t open the legacy Volume Mixer

In any latest version of Windows 10, you can access the new
volume mixer from the Settings > System > Sound. In
sounds page, you would need to scroll down a bit and
click the App volume and device preferences option Under
“Other sound options”. This will open a page with advanced
options to control volume and input/out devices, and it works
just like the legacy Volume Mixer.

Microsoft hasn’t removed the legacy volume mixer yet. At the
moment, only the shortcut has been replaced and you can still
find the old volume mixer from the Control Panel or by
searching for SndVol.exe in Cortana.

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