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Wild Guns Reloaded developer working on second remake project

Wild Guns Reloaded

Tengo Project, the development team within Natsume Atari that developed Wild Guns Reloaded, has started work on its second remake project, according to its official website.

Wild Guns Reloaded was its first remake project, which launched for PlayStation 4 in December 2016, PC in July 2017, and Switch in April 2018.

The banner for Tengo Project’s second remake project does not share further information. It only reads: “Remake Project #2 has started! Please look forward to more information in the future.”

That being said, it is worth noting that Tengo Project handled the original development of the following Super Nintendo Entertainment System titles:

  • The Ninja Warriors (1994)
  • Wild Guns (1994)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (1995)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (1996)

Their only other title developed by Tengo Project before Wild Guns Reloaded was the Xbox 360 game Omega Five in 2008. But it should also be clarified that the second remake project may not be of any of these titles.

Thanks, ResetEra.

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