WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated with Live Location feature

WhatsApp for windows phone
Image Courtesy: WindowsCentral.com

WhatsApp has been the only company which has been dedicated in
supporting the now almost dead Windows platform. The team of
developers have been regularly working to add more new features
to the platform to bring it on par with the application on iOS
and Android.

WhatsApp developer team recently updated its beta
application for Windows Phone with the new “Live Location”
feature which was missing from the platform for a while now.

The team after successfully testing the feature on the beta
application has now today pushed out the feature to the stable
version of the WhatsApp application to be accessible by more
Windows Phone users.

The new “Live Location” feature lets you share the location in
real time with your family and friends. The Live Location
feature can be shared with an individual or group of friends
for a time limit ranging from 5 mins, 15 mins and more.

Users sharing the Live Location feature will be getting a pop
up which brings them the option to stop the Live Location
feature at any time if they are not willing to share the Live
Location any more.

You will be able to know as to whom you have shared the live
location feature by going to the group or chat info page of the
application. You will be able to share the live location
in chats and groups and for this to be enabled you would need
to go to an individual chat, click on the Attach icon, Select
Location, Live Location.

Sharing a location could make users feel that their privacy
will be compromised. But WhatsApp has made sure that the
privacy issue doesn’t arise by ensuring that the shared live
location is protected by the end to end encryption similar to
the chats on WhatsApp between individuals and group members
which cannot be viewed by anyone, not even the developers.

The latest update to the WhatsApp application is currently
rolling out with version 2.18.126 and is available for download
for all Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users from the
Microsoft Store.

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