WhatsApp for Windows Phone is getting new group features

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WhatsApp is one of the few companies that are still committed
to Windows Phone, and the Facebook-owned company is today
rolling out a new update to its app on Microsoft’s mobile
platform. Today’s update is quite a big deal as it introduces
the highly-anticipated group features and other improvements.

The latest update for WhatsApp protects users from getting
added to groups if they’ve left. It also introduces
group description option where you can set the guidelines and
other topics for the group. WhatsApp will also show the
description of the group to new members at the top of the chat,
just like how it displays notification about message

Facebook has added another new feature to WhatsApp on Windows
Phone which allows users to catch up with the messages that
mentioned you at a time when you were away from the group chat.
The admins can finally remove admin permissions of other
group participants, and you’ll be also able to find anyone in a
group by searching.

On the other hand, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is getting
the group calling feature on iOS and it will be
coming to Windows Phones real soon. Facebook had announced
that WhatsApp will receive the group calling feature
soon, and while the official roll out hasn’t begun yet,
it will happen in the coming days.

At the time of writing this story, WhatsApp has picked a
segment of iOS users to test group video calling. It’s likely
that the app will be soon updated on Windows Phone to support
this feature.

While Microsoft Store is still struggling, but slowly more and
more developers are now looking into Windows 10 simply because
the company has improved the app platform in the past few
months. Microsoft has been also trying to attract and convince

At Build 2018 developer conference, Microsoft announced that
the share of app revenue will be increased to 95% from
70%. The new revenue model would become available later this
year, the company said. Needless to say, it’s one of the
easiest ways to increase developers interest in Microsoft

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