WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are down across the world

Facebook for Windows 10

As many of you noticed, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger,
Instagram are down for quite a long period of time today. All
Facebook-owned services are unreachable across the world and
it’s been more than two hours since the issue was first

To make matters worse, even Messenger is also experiencing
problems, meaning that you cannot get in touch with your
friends with any of Facebook’s networks. Facebook hasn’t issued
any explanations for the outage yet and more details are

As per the online reports, Facebook, WhatsApp and other
services outage started at around 6:30 AM ET. Apparently, some
locations are hit more than other places where users are
affected more than others.

The bug in the question appears to be associated with Facebook
servers and there’s nothing you can do to get the social media
services to work on your devices.

A month ago, the widepread Facebook outage was reported and the
company had blamed a server configuration change as the

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