WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone updated with Group Settings features and more

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WhatsApp team today pushed out a new update for its Beta
Application on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The latest
update comes with the most awaited Group Settings and
Administrator powers to Group Admins.

These features were already pushed out to iOS and Android users
couple of weeks ago and finally the Windows Phone users have
also got the new Group Setting features.

The latest update bumps the Beta application to new version The latest update brings a new Group Description
option which can be found under group info. The new option
allows users to provide a description to the group. The group
description is visible to a new joining member in the group on
top of the chat.

The WhatsApp team also introduced new Admin control which now
lets the admin of the group to restrict users from changing the
group’s subject, icon, description and name of the group. This
option would mean that only the group admin will now have
access to make changes to the group which was not the case

Another new option added in the latest update is a new “@”
button which will appear at the bottom right of the chat when
you have been away from the group chat. The “@” option helps
you to quickly check the messages in which you have been
mentioned. You can reply to those messages by tapping the “@”
button on the bottom right of the chat window.

WhatsApp team has also added a new search option in group which
lets you search for a participant from the group info page.
This is very helpful in case you are admin of a large group of
members. Group Admins now also have the option to remove other
member of the group who is also an admin without having to
delete him from the group.

Leaving a group can now be a problem since frequent exits from
the group will make it difficult for the Group admin to add the
member back due to the new protection introduced in the latest

The latest update is a pretty major one for Windows Phone users
since it adds many features which are already available for iOS
and Android users and brings the Windows application on par
with the rival platforms.

The latest update to the WhatsApp Beta application is already
rolling out and is available for download in the Microsoft

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