What’s new in Microsoft Edge 85: PDF markup tool, smarter Collections

Microsoft Edge 85 update

Microsoft built the new Edge on top of Chromium, not EdgeHTML.
It retains all of the functionality Chromium brings with it and
as well as Microsoft’s own curated features. The company is
also following Google’s Chromium update cycle, with stable
releases scheduled every six weeks.

Earlier today, Microsoft published Edge 85 update with PDF
markup tools, smarter Collections support, and several other

Microsoft Edge Build 85.0.564.41 also comes with improvements
to the DevTools and enterprise security. For example, Edge can
now sync browser data between Azure Active Directory (AAD)
profiles, which is a feature aimed at enterprises.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge 85

1. PDF markup tools

This update introduces support for a built-in PDF highlighter
tool. Microsoft has added the tool to the toolbar and it’s
visible when you browse PDFs. With the PDF highlighter tool,
you can now easily highlight important text.

2. Collections improvement

Microsoft Edge has a new tool called Collections that allows
you to collect and archive content for later review. With
Collections, you can save webpages with your notes inside of a
Collection tab, which can be accessed from the right-hand rail
in the browser.

Collections is a great feature when you’re researching a new
purchase. What makes it incomplete, though, is that you cannot
share the content to OneNote. Fortunately, with Edge
85.0.564.41, Microsoft is adding support for “Sent to OneNote”
in the Collections tab.

This feature will allow you to collaborate with others and you
can also send content to Office for Mac products for both MSA
and Azure Active Directory.

The feature appears to be aimed at both education and business
customers that are preparing for their new projects.

3. Synchronization

As we mentioned at the outset, Microsoft is introducing support
for “on-premise synchronization” of favourites and settings. In
other words, you can use Edge to sync the favourites and
settings between Active Directory profiles in your

4. Storage Access API

For those who care about their privacy, Microsoft Edge is now
getting support for Storage Access API. According to the
company, this API will provide greater transparency into and
control over the websites that require access to browser-based

5. DevTools

This update adds support for the following DevTools features in

  • Surface Duo emulation.
  • You can now match keyboard shortcuts to VS Code.

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