What was the last BlackBerry you owned?

BlackBerry KeyOne

The BlackBerry is dead. Long live BlackBerry, right? For some of us that’s a brand name that kickstarted a love for smartphones years and years ago. Now, to start 2020, we get word that we might have already seen the last of BlackBerry as far as smartphones go, and there might be no new handsets to look forward to.

Not that any of the newer BlackBerry-branded handsets, made by TCL, were flying off the store shelves, of course. In fact, a new handset didn’t even see the light of day in 2019, with the Key2 LE launching before the end of 2018. So it’s been quite a while since TCL/BlackBerry earned itself any attention from the media or the people.

So it probably shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise when TCL announced that it’s going to stop selling BlackBerry smartphones by the end of August 2020. Once that date rolls by TCL will no longer have the rights to sell, manufacture, or even design a BlackBerry handset. Which suggests there won’t be any new BlackBerry phones at all.

But that may not be entirely the case, as it’s possible that BlackBerry could strike up another agreement with a different manufacturer, and, as a result, we could see new BlackBerry phones at some point down the road. Whether or not that’s something the mass market wants, well, apparently time will tell.

But looking (hoping?) at the future inevitably made me start looking at the past, too. I still fondly remember the last BlackBerry smartphone I had: the BlackBerry Bold 9930 for Verizon. I loved that phone, even if it wasn’t an iPhone 4s. Yes, I would eventually switch to the Apple-branded phone because apps, but while I had that BlackBerry I enjoyed pretty much ever second of it.

So obviously I’m wondering which BlackBerry model you owned last, and whether or not you remember the handset positively. Let me know!

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