What to expect from Microsoft’s next big Windows 10 update

Windows 10 Redstone 5 changelog
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Microsoft last month released
Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Windows 10 version 1803
codenamed Redstone 4 will be pushed automatically to systems
that are considered to be fully compatible in the coming weeks.
By the summer, the update would become available for download
on all compatible computers.

Microsoft has already started working on next big update for
Windows 10 and according to the company’s schedule, the update
would arrive in the fall of this year. Microsoft has already
released the early bits of Redstone 5 update to the Windows
Insiders (a group of beta testers), and the update is due
to be finalized by October.

It’s too early to discuss the features that will be part of the
Redstone 5 update. In this article, we are highlighting the
changes are being introduced in the preview builds for beta

Windows 10 Redstone 5 – All the changes so far

Windows 10 Redstone 5 update will introduce a new interface
called Sets, Cloud
File Explorer with a dark theme and more. Microsoft is, of
course, planning to improve the interface of the OS with Fluent
Design, a new design language system that has gradually evolved
in the last two OS updates.

Windows 10 Sets

Windows 10 Sets interface
Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

Sets is a new interface that’s supposed to improve the
multitasking in Windows 10. Sets basically bring tabs
across the operating system. For example, you can run multiple
apps in just one window. It saves your time and improves

Interestingly, Windows 10 Sets is not just limited to the UWP
apps. It also supports Win32 software and the legacy apps
including Office productivity suite.

Sets feature comes with plenty of promise for improving Windows
10 multitasking. For instance, you can use apps such as
Microsoft Edge, Twitter and Calendar right from one window,
without having to switch between multiple windows of apps.

Cloud Clipboard

Clipboard in Windows 10
Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

Microsoft announced Cloud Clipboard at Build developer last
year and it would become available for the public with the
release of Windows 10 Redstone 5. The Cloud Clipboard is
basically supposed to sync the clipboard across Windows 10, and
soon Android phones.

With Cloud Clipboard, Microsoft aims to change the way contents
are copied from one location to another. The clipboard is
powered by cloud technology and it uses Microsoft account
to allow seamless synchronization of content copied from
one device to another.

Interestingly, clipboard feature can save pretty much anything.
Microsoft is allowing users to copy content such as text,
photos and links to the clipboard but it won’t work if the
content size is more than 1MB.

Cloud clipboard keyboard
Image Courtesy: Thurrott.com

Everything works pretty smoothly, and the credit goes to
Microsoft’s cloud technology. The contents can be synced across
devices if you are logged in with the same account. The
Cloud Clipboard would eventually become available for Android
and iPhone.

Microsoft respects your privacy. The company is also allowing
users to clear clipboard data from everywhere including
Microsoft’s servers. You can always disable the feature in
Settings > System > Clipboard > Sync across devices.

File Explorer

File Explorer
Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

File Explorer has barely evolved in Windows 10. The customers
have been requesting more updates for the file manager,
and Microsoft has finally acknowledged the feedback. The
company is working on a big update for File Explorer that would
introduce dark theme and refinements.

Microsoft is still working on File Explorer and the company has
already acknowledged that certain elements still need more
touches, but it will be finalized before the public release in
the fall.

The dark theme blend into the rest of the interface including
the content menus in File Explorer and desktop. The dark theme
is everywhere inside the File Explorer including the right
panes, as well as the search bar.

To enable dark theme in Windows 10, the users would just
need to go to Settings > Personalization > Colors
> Choose your default app mode and Dark from the menu.

Windows 10 Sets for File Explorer
Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

Microsoft is also bringing Tabs to File Explorer. You’ll be
able to browse multiple folders of File Explorer in one window,
just like how you manage the tabs in Microsoft Edge browser.


The target is to bring the above-mentioned changes to users
with the debut of Windows 10 Redstone 5 update. It goes without
saying that Microsoft is working on some other features as
well, so it’s too early to discuss the other features that will
be part of the Redstone 5 update.

The development of Redstone 5 will finalize by October, and the
update would launch in the fall of this year.

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