Week in Review: Most renouned stories on GeekWire for a week of Mar 8, 2020


Get held adult on a latest record and startup news from a past week. Here are a many renouned stories on GeekWire for a week of Mar 8, 2020.

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Most renouned stories on GeekWire

Coronavirus Live Updates: The latest COVID-19 developments in Seattle and a universe of tech

Follow @geekwire for updates. Send us a news tip. … Read More

T-Mobile and Sprint exhibit new care structure — here’s a email sent to employees

T-Mobile and Sprint are gearing adult for life as a total association and on Thursday suggested a revamped care structure for a “New T-Mobile.” The new comparison care group suggested currently in an SEC filing combines T-Mobile and Sprint executives, with some employees stability in their stream roles and others holding over new positions. … Read More

Donald Trump

Trump says he’s deliberation restrictions on domestic transport from coronavirus hotspots

In response to a coronavirus outbreak, restrictions on European transport will be extended to Britain and Ireland on Monday – and President Donald Trump pronounced currently that boundary on transport from domestic hotspots such as a Seattle area were underneath care as well. … Read More

‘Classroom to Cloud’: What happened when coronavirus forced my kid’s propagandize to go online

Packing a trek is a thing of a past — during slightest for a subsequent few weeks. … Read More

How to cope with Seattle’s coronavirus outbreak? Pretend that you’re snowed in

Fresh projections advise that 1,100 people in Washington state have been putrescent with a SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and that a conflict could be due for a fast rise. … Read More

Coronavirus testing

Report: Amazon and Gates Foundation aim to group adult with scientists on home exam kits for coronavirus

Amazon Care is charity assistance to a Bill Melinda Gates Foundation for a devise to broach coronavirus exam kits to Seattle homes, CNBC reports. … Read More

In response to coronavirus, Seattle group creates smartband that vibrates if we hold your face

A group of Seattle entrepreneurs looking for some kind of answer to delayed a widespread of novel coronavirus has grown a intelligent wristband that vibrates if a chairman wearing it tries to hold his face. … Read More

Drive-through testing

Hospital’s drive-through coronavirus tests could be a indication for Seattle and a world

A drive-through coronavirus contrast site set adult during a University of Washington sanatorium could offer as a indication for some-more such comforts around a Seattle area — and maybe around a country. … Read More

Washington state bans vast events in 3 counties to delayed widespread of COVID-19, administrator calls pestilence ‘extremely dangerous’

Washington state is canceling events with some-more than 250 attendees in 3 counties by a finish of March, Gov. … Read More

Bill Gates leaves Microsoft and Berkshire play in ancestral miracle for tech pioneer

Bill Gates is withdrawal Microsoft’s board, 45 years after co-founding a association with his childhood crony Paul Allen. … Read More

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