Week in Review: Most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of July 7, 2019


Get caught up on the latest technology and startup news from the past week. Here are the most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of July 7, 2019.

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Most popular stories on GeekWire

Shareholders sue to block Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau, alleging companies didn’t disclose key information

Salesforce’s $15.7 billion acquisition of Tableau Software is facing legal challenges. … Read More

Microsoft partners with Netflix to celebrate new Stranger Things season with ‘Windows 1.11’ app

Microsoft is getting in on the hype around the return of Stranger Things, the popular Netflix show that debuted its third season last week. … Read More

Amazon commits $700M to retrain 100k employees, acknowledging impact of tech on jobs

Amazon is embarking on a $700 million effort to retrain its U.S. … Read More

4.6 earthquake rattles Seattle region in the middle of the night

Did you feel it? That was the popular question Friday morning as residents around Western Washington awoke to news that a 4.6-magnitude earthquake rattled near Puget Sound and Seattle just before 3 a.m. … Read More

Here are the most popular programming languages used by the world’s largest unicorn startups

Software development tools are the backbone of today’s startups. … Read More

Amazon warehouse workers plan Prime Day strike as company’s scale comes under scrutiny

Amazon workers are planning to strike during a major shopping holiday in the latest headache for a company that has become a target in today’s political climate. … Read More

Leggo his Eggo: Jeff Bezos doesn’t waffle on his love for ‘Stranger Things’ as he binges Netflix hit

Jeff Bezos may own his own streaming television network in the form of Amazon Prime Video, but he still found time this weekend to binge the competition’s hottest series. … Read More

Expedia begins 90-day countdown to new Seattle campus, preparing for major move across region

Expedia Group has started the countdown clock to the opening of its shiny new waterfront headquarters campus in Seattle. … Read More

Nevermind! After backlash, Microsoft says partners will keep software usage rights, after all

In a sudden turn of events, Microsoft is reversing its controversial decision to take a key benefit away from its more than 300,000 partners. … Read More

‘We can’t afford this’: Partner cloud costs blindside Microsoft, but company’s solution causes uproar

UPDATE, Friday, June 12: Well, nevermind! … Read More

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