Week in Review: Most renouned stories on GeekWire for a week of Feb. 9, 2020


Get held adult on a latest record and startup news from a past week. Here are a many renouned stories on GeekWire for a week of Feb. 9, 2020.

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Most renouned stories on GeekWire

Cascadia tsunami simulation

Earthquake experts lay out latest opinion for a ‘Really Big One’ that’ll strike Seattle

Earthquake experts contend stream building codes don’t simulate a riskiest facilities of a Seattle area’s geology — yet a opinion for survivability looks a lot improved if a Really Big One can only reason off for a few some-more years. … Read More

Bill Gates warns that coronavirus impact could be ‘very, really dramatic,’ outlines long-term solutions

Bill Gates spoke with extended confidence about a intensity for record to residence some of a globe’s biggest challenges, yet struck an meaningful tinge Friday in deliberating a hazard acted by a coronavirus as a conflict outpaces a best efforts of doctors and health workers. … Read More

Judge blocks Microsoft from operative on Pentagon’s $10B JEDI agreement tentative Amazon’s lawsuit

A sovereign decider has paused work on a hotly contested cloud agreement that a Defense Department awarded to Microsoft in November. … Read More

Jeff Bezos

Report: Jeff Bezos buys L.A. palace for $165M and land from Paul Allen estate for $90M

Jeff Bezos is a reported customer of some-more primary genuine estate. … Read More

‘Jeff Bezos is so abounding … ‘: Amazon CEO called out in mixed jokes during opening of Oscars

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was behind in assemblage during a Academy Awards on Sunday night and even yet there was no central host, comedians Steve Martin and Chris Rock took notice in a digression that non-stop a show. … Read More

Layoffs appearing during Expedia? Diller looks to facilitate ‘bloated’ company, aiming to save adult to $500M

Cutbacks are entrance during Expedia Group, according to a Seattle-based transport giant’s annual regulatory filing and comments done by authority Barry Diller on a Thursday gain call. … Read More

Robots aren’t holding over, and other lessons schooled from 2 decades in a logistics tech industry

Editor’s note: The following is a guest post created by David Glick, CTO during Flexe, a Seattle logistics startup. … Read More

Seattle’s revolutionary City Councilmember introduces new ‘Amazon tax’ to lift $300M/year for affordable open housing

Amazon’s taxation check has turn a lightning rod in a national discuss over mercantile inclination and Seattle is on a front lines. … Read More

New airline fondness between Alaska and American will bond Seattle and Bangalore tech hubs

Tech executives will shortly have a new approach moody choice from Seattle to Bangalore, India, interjection to a West Coast fondness between Seattle-based Alaska Airlines and American Airlines. … Read More

Stripe closes Seattle bureau for dual days as prevision after training worker had hit with coronavirus patient

Payments record association Stripe sealed a Seattle engineering bureau for dual days this week as a prevision after training Wednesday that an worker visiting from Singapore had contact, before nearing in a United States, with someone who was subsequently diagnosed with coronavirus, a illness famous as COVID-19. … Read More

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