Week In Geek Podcast: How blueprints for 3D printed guns turned into a national lawsuit


Components of a 3D printed gun. (Flickr photo by Alexbp)

A legal battle over 3D-printed guns is heating up once again. Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a new lawsuit this week to prevent a Seattle-area group from publishing blueprints online that explain how to make the weapons, and for now a judge has agreed to block the publication — but the legal battle isn’t over yet.

In other news, Starbucks is teaming up with e-commerce giant Alibaba to deliver coffee in China. The deal could be a huge advantage as Starbucks looks to grow overseas, but its neighbor, Amazon, probably isn’t too pleased by the move. Plus, Seattle is permanently letting four bikeshare companies set up shop in the city, but one company has already announced it’s pulling out.

On the Random Channel: How to Live to 200 and the scientific discovery born from a celebrity cat’s poop.

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This week’s stories:

  • Judge blocks release of 3D-printed gun manuals in victory for Washington state AG
  • Starbucks and Alibaba to integrate apps and partner on delivery as coffee culture takes hold in China
  • Seattle adopts 250K annual fee for bikeshare companies that could pump the brakes on the new mobility service.
  • Ofo officially shutting down in Seattle after $250K bikeshare fee passes

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