Watch Microsoft’s original Redmond buildings vanish from above in new time-lapse video


The modernization of Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., campus might appear to be in the earliest stages when viewed from the ground. But a new time-lapse video shot from above provides a look at how much demolition and digging has taken place since January.

The video shared by Microsoft on Monday shows the disappearance of the 1980s-era “X-Wing” office buildings where co-founder Bill Gates and others once tapped out code on the way to turning the startup into a software giant.

The 72-acre development site is home at the moment to a very large hole as the bottom has been reached in what will become an underground parking facility. Microsoft said 1 million cubic yards of dirt have been moved. The ultimate goal is to consolidate traffic and make the campus more pedestrian and bike friendly.

GeekWire was on site back in January when the first chunks of Building 1 were torn away at the start of what will be a years-long, multi-billion-dollar project to refresh the company’s headquarters. We also got an inside look in June at the plans and designs for a more dense, modern campus centered around collaboration, open spaces and sports fields.

(via Microsoft)

Microsoft shared some fun facts and figures related to what’s been accomplished in the first nine months of work:

  • The square footage of the building demolition on east campus is equivalent to the total square feet of all 30 NFL football fields combined.
  • Concrete from the demolition would be enough to build 1.3 Empire State Buildings. One hundred percent of the concrete is being recycled, and some of it will come back to the site for use in the new campus.
  • Resources recycled from the demolition thus far includes 449,697 pounds (50 trucks full) of carpet and 284,400 pounds of ceiling tiles.
  • 51,000 feet of fiber optic cabling — just over 9.5 miles — has been installed.
  • The Microsoft Art Program relocated 277 art pieces — including an early Chihuly and a Ken Bortolazzo sculpture — to Microsoft buildings around the Puget Sound region.
  • The project is actively coordinating over 100 different building information models containing over 2.8 million individual 3D building components.
The latest designs for new buildings on Microsoft’s original campus. (Microsoft Rendering)
(Microsoft Rendering)

Follow updates and developments on Microsoft’s Modern Campus site.

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