VLC launches native dedicated ARM64 app for Windows

VLC app for Windows
Image Courtesy: Videolan.org

Last Month, at Build 2018 Microsoft’s annual developer
conference, the company officially introduced the ARM64 SDK
that allows developers to port their app to the native 64-bit
app. And today, VLC becomes one of first ARM64 Windows
application. VLC officially introduced the native ARM64 app for
Windows 10 devices.

Unlike Windows 10 on Intel and ARM processors, Windows 10 ARM
runs on Qualcomm processor which is often used for the mobile
and tablet devices. So of course, performance is the biggest
concern here. So the optimal solution for the developer is to
recompile the existing app and bring support for ARM64. And
instead of publishing the app in Windows Store they can offer
it directly from their website.

Honestly, Microsoft has a really bad history with new
application development platform. Microsoft has just
failed to attract the attention of app developers to persuade
them to build apps for the Windows platform whether it is for
Mobile or PC. Even the Universal Windows Platform attempt
hasn’t been very successful in gaining the attention of

Of course, Microsoft is working very hard to encourage
developers to bring their app to the platform. They introduced
Windows Desktop Bridge, Project Astoria, Project Islandwood and
more. The latest ARM64 SDK is just incredible. Developers won’t
have to edit or rewrite the entire app again, they just have to
recompile the app.

However, Microsoft just released the SDK for Windows 10 ARM64
don’t expect that all the popular win32 app developer port
their app instantly. But VLC becomes one of the first ARM64
Windows apps. We’ll soon see more dedicated native ARM64
application in upcoming months.

Meanwhile, you can go ahead and download the VLC for ARM64
device from here, make sure you select
the ARM64 from drop down. And let us know your experience in a
comment below.

Microsoft is fully committed to Universal Windows Platform and
Windows 10 on ARM.
Qualcomm at Computex this week announced new processor for
Windows 10 ARM devices, and
Samsung is also working on Always Connected PC. So far the
project has received mixed reactions but it’s likely to improve
in the coming months.

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