Virtual reality-themed romance visual novel Aerial Life coming to PS4 on October 24 in Japan


Aerial Life

Entergram is bringing Prekano-developed romance visual novel Aerial Life to PlayStation 4 on October 24 in Japan for 2,500 yen, Japanese retail listings reveal.

The game will be available in 2,500 yen standard and 6,500 yen Premium editions. The Premium Edition includes a Tenmaso-illustrated tapestry dubbed “Good morning, senpai,” a Morrie-written short story titled “Otome Companion,” and the Aerial Life original soundtrack.

Here is an overview of the story, via VNDB:

The protagonist is a part-time beta tester at a game developer company which runs the popular virtual reality game Aerial Life. However, there was an unknown bug after the latest major update and he became trapped in the virtual reality world, along with fellow beta-tester Otome, who lost her memories of the outer world. Unable to log out, they had to stay in the virtual world for a while and complete the grand quest. Will he be able to recover her memories and break free from the game?

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