Video: Crews dangle 500 feet above ground as last piece of platform is lowered from Space Needle


The elevated work platform that hung beneath the upper reaches of the Space Needle during months of renovation work was lowered to the ground this past weekend, and a new video showing the effort is as striking as the iconic structure itself.

Workers are shown fearlessly dangling 500 feet above the ground as they dismantle some of the platform and lower the rest. Drone footage gives a bird’s eye view in the video shot by Chad Copeland.

The massive open-air platform was lifted into place last September and allowed construction crews to access the underside of the Needle’s top house, where they installed the world’s first rotating glass floor. That floor, along with changes to the restaurant that sits on it and the observation deck above, is all part of the $100 million Century Project — a multi-year remodel of the 56-year-old Needle meant to improve its views and showcase its internal structure.

While the observation deck has remained open during construction, visitors got their first look last month at new glass benches that “float” high above Seattle Center. The chance to walk on the new glass floor will come later in July.

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