Verizon will launch 20 5G devices in 2020

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Verizon currently sells five 5G-capable devices, but the carrier plans to grow that number in a big way later this year.

Verizon will launch 20 5G devices in 2020. That figure was confirmed by Verizon CEO Ronan Dunne, who told CNET that the big red carrier plans to hit more price points with its upcoming 5G devices, too.

In the first half of 2020, Verizon will launch phones that are below $800. Pricing will go even lower in the second half of the year when Verizon will launch a 5G phone that’s less than $600.

Customers interested in jumping onto Verizon’s 5G network right now are looking at spending at least $850 for a smartphone (the Moto Z4 with a 5G Moto Mod) and can drop upwards of $1300 for the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. And while devices with new technologies like 5G can be pricey, that can be a barrier for a lot of folks who don’t want to spend that much on a device. The arrival of sub-$800 and sub-$600 devices will make 5G an option for many more people.

In other Verizon 5G news, Dunne said that Verizon is workin on rolling out Dynamic Spectrum Sharing on its network, which will enable the carrier to take the spectrum its using for 4G and deploy 5G alongside it. The rollout of DSS is expected to happen in the second half of 2020. 

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