Verizon launching Just Kids plan with parental controls, starts at $55

Kids are getting their first smartphone at younger and younger ages, and today Verizon responded to that trend by launching a rate plan aimed specifically at children.

Just Kids comes with unlimited talk and text, but only to 20 contacts that can be set by a parent. Parents can also use the included Verizon Smart Family features to help manage their child’s screen time, set content filters to block apps and websites, and track the location of their child’s phone. Verizon Smart Family normally costs $9.99 per month but is included with the Just Kids plan.

When it comes to data, the Just Kids plan includes 5GB of 4G LTE data usage, after which Safety Mode kicks in so that parents don’t have to worry about paying for overages or extra 4G LTE data. Safety Mode keeps the data flowing, but only at 128Kbps speeds. DVD quality video streaming is included, too.

The Just Kids plan starts at $55 on a two-line family account but drops to $45 per month on a three-line family account or $35 per month on a four-line family account. To get the Just Kids plan, you’ll need at least one line of Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, or Above Unlimited on your account, but these plans can be mixed and matched.

Verizon will launch the Just Kids plan this Thursday, April 4th.

Verizon Just Kids plan features

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