Verizon 5G broadband coming to Indianapolis, customers get free YouTube TV or Apple TV 4K

Verizon 5G Logo official

Verizon has so far named three cities that’ll get its 5G service in 2018, and today it added a fourth.

Indianapolis will get Verizon’s 5G residential broadband in the second half of 2018. Other cities slated to get access to this service includ Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Houston. As noted by The Verge, customers who sign up for Verizon 5G will receive either a free YouTube TV subscription or Apple TV 4K set-top box.

This 5G service from Verizon will be focused on residential broadband, not the kind of mobile 5G service that you’ll access on your smartphone. Verizon has said that it plans to launch mobile 5G service in 2019.

Does Verizon’s 5G residential broadband sound like something that you’d sign up for?

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