Utawarerumono Zan details Free Missions, Kiwru, Maroro, more


Aquaplus has updated the official Japanese website for Utawarerumono Zan with information and screenshots of the latest systems, including Equipment Training, Free Missions, and Military Merits, and newly confirmed playable characters Kiwru and Maroro.

Get the details below.

■ System

Equipment Training

Using the sen obtained playing the game, you can acquire various equipment like scrolls, costumes, and strategy books. Equipment Training has low grade, intermediate, and high grade levels, and you can obtain a variety of equipment from each level. You can train for just one piece of equipment, or train for 10 pieces of equipment all at once at a reduced cost.

Utawarerumono Zan

Utawarerumono Zan

Free Missions

A free mode where you can play missions with no connection to the story. There are lots of missions where you can acquire many bonus points that can strengthen your unit’s stats, as well as the sen required for Equipment Training. A greater variety of Free Missions will become available as you progress through the story.

Utawarerumono Zan

Military Merits

By achieving certain conditions set during the game, you can acquire different color character costumes, items to change the in-game background music, and more.

Utawarerumono Zan

■ Characters

Kiwru (voiced by Ayumu Murase)

An amiable young prince of Ennakamuy, another nation within Yamato. Though meek, small in stature, and often painfully naïve, he applies himself tirelessly to his combat practice and aspirations of greatness. Shares an oath of sworn brotherhood with Oshtor.

Utawarerumono Zan

Maroro (voiced by Ooki Sugiyama)

A scholar versed in magecraft who accompanies Ukon. He wears flashy clothing and old-fashioned nobleman’s makeup, and speaks in a distinctly classical fashion.

Utawarerumono Zan

Utawarerumono Zan is due out for PlayStation 4 on September 27 in Japan.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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