Unties and SmileBoom announce mini-game collection Hibi, Controller Ijiri. for PS4


Hibi, Controller Ijiri.

Sony Music Entertainment game publishing label Unties has announced Hibi, Controller Ijiri., or Controller Play, Everyday., a new action / mini-game collection developed by SmileBoom for PlayStation 4. It will launch on December 5 in Japan as free “Special” content for PlayStation Plus members for a limited time. (An end date for distribution has yet to be decided.)

Here is an overview of the game:

  • Start from the “ROOM” – All sorts of mechanisms are hidden in the “ROOM.” Players can enjoy an assortment of actions by throwing the items obtained through mini-games at various places, rubbing or hitting the character “Kami” with the DualShock 4 controller’s touchpad, and messing around with the controller.
  • Six Mini-Games Planned for Release – When the game launches, only the mini-game “Ponpon Popcorn” will be playable. A total of six mini-games will be available via update(s) due out after launch. In each mini-game, events occur simultaneously in the world of the “INSIDE”—where character “Tami” enters a “Mysterious Box” and plays the mini-game—and the real world space of the “OUTSIDE,” where “Kami” and “Tami” live. Various events will occur in the world of the INSIDE as the whimsical Kami moves around the Mysterious Box.
  • Mini-Game #1: Pop-Pop Popcorn – A mini-game where you control Tami and ride the popcorn popping out of the pan to collect the stars in the sky. Collected stars are turned into coins, and you will receive even more coins by getting rare stars or combos. Since you might make a mistake when the pan slips up, you will be in a danger of falling when Kami shakes the Mysterious Box, but this can also be used as a chance to jump higher to reach normally unreachable stars.

View a set of screenshots at the gallery.

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