Unofficial Uber & YouTube PWA’s available for download in Microsoft Store

Last week we reported that new
set of PWAs have appeared in the Microsoft Store like
Skyscanner and more. Today we report that YouTube and Uber PWAs
are now available for download in the Microsoft Store.

These PWAs are unofficial applications which are not directly
developed by either Uber or Google. The PWAs have been
published by a developer called Pladoo Interactive. The
apps are labelled as PWAs in the Microsoft Store but they don’t
appear to be PWAs, instead are web wrappers providing access to
each service.

The apps simply loads the website similar to the official
YouTube app on other platforms. The developer in the
description of the apps have mentioned that the PWAs are part
of a “Windows Revival Project”. Since Google has never
supported Microsoft Store, you would like to try out the
unofficial YouTube PWA.

Even though the apps are just web wrappers they do the basic
service which is expected by an official application. The apps
can only be downloaded on Windows 10 PCs and laptops since
Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t support PWA features like
service workers.

Uber has already dropped support for Windows 10, so if you
are looking for an alternative then they can go for the
unofficial Uber PWA currently available in the Microsoft Store.

We would also like to bring to the notice of our users that
since the apps are unofficial applications which do not have
the backing of either Google or Uber, it would be right to say
that these apps could be pulled from the Microsoft Store sooner
than later.

If you would like to try out the unofficial PWAs then you can
download them by clicking on the below Microsoft Store links.

Download Uber PWA for Windows 10

Download YouTube PWA for Windows 10

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