Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ models in U.S. gain FM radio support

Samsung Galaxy S9+ hands-on video

We learned a few months ago that Samsung was planning to add FM radio support to the unlocked versions of its Galaxy S9 and S9+ in the U.S., and now that feature has finally arrived.

Owners of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ on Reddit have confirmed that the newest update for the unlocked phones, version ARF9, includes FM radio support. The update began rolling out recently and also includes the June Android security patches.

To use the FM radio, you’ll need a pair of wired headphones since they’ll work as the antenna. There are apps available to help you listen to FM radio on your phone, like NextRadio.

The reason that the unlocked versions of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ haven’t had FM radio support is because Samsung mistakenly didn’t add the NAB FM API to its unlocked models. Now that issue has been rectified and unlocked GS9 and GS9+ owners can jam out to FM radio all they’d like. The thought of listening to FM radio may sound strange to some with all of the streaming music options available today, but FM radio is an attractive option because it’s free and lets you easily listen to local radio stations.

Do you ever listen to FM radio on your phone?

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