Unknown Microsoft Surface with Core i5 1035G1 leaks online

Surface Laptop 3
Image Courtesy: PCWorld

It’s not a big surprise that Microsoft could launch its next

Surface Laptop with a 12.5-inch display and Intel’s Core i5
processor in the next two weeks.

According to multiple benchmarks spotted online, it looks like
Microsoft is working on an unknown Surface product with up to
16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and Intel Core i5 1035G1.

The UserBenchmark is showing off a result from a
machine running 10th generation Intel Core i5 1035G1. The name
of the device in the benchmark is “Oemqn Product Name EV1”,
which seems to indicate that it’s either the Surface Laptop or
an unknown Surface Pro.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has used a similar naming
convention for the Surface Laptop 2, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro
X, Surface Go, etc when running benchmark tools.

In one benchmark, the device’s resolution is set to 1536 x 1024
(a custom or low resolution) and it has the typical 3:2 aspect
ratio. This indicates that the device could be the rumoured
Surface Laptop Sparti, which also comes with a 12.5-inch
display (low-resolution panel).

It also comes with Intel Core i5-1035G1, SSD storage from SK
Hynix, and up to 16GB LPDDR4 4800MHz clocked at 3733MHz.

Microsoft Surface UserBenchmark

Likewise, there’s another benchmark on Geekbench for a device
named “Oemqn Product Name EV2” and it also sports 16GB of RAM
with the same Intel Core i5-1035G1.

Surface Laptop benchmark

According to Intel, Core i5-1035G1 is slightly cheaper than the
Core i5-1035G7, which is currently used in Surface Laptop 3.

The machine nailed an above-average score in the benchmarks and
it also appears that the performance of this leaked device
could be slightly behind the Surface Laptop 3 (Intel) or
Surface Book 3. Keep in mind that these aren’t fair

Again, Microsoft could announce the Surface Laptop “Sparti”
with a different processor and we probably won’t hear much
about the Surface products until Microsoft’s October 1 event,
so it’s best to remain sceptical about everything you read

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