Ubisoft Teases For Honor’s Future in Latest Video

Ubisoft Teases For Honor’s Future in Latest Video

May 30, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

for honor e3 2018

In preparation of E3 2018, Ubisoft released a brand new video today detailing the past, present, and future of For Honor. Showcasing the latest major updates to the game through Hero balancing, the release of dedicated servers and a new training mode, Ubisoft really goes through the entire spectrum of For Honor updates. Toward the end, players also get a sneak peek of some surprises that will be coming during Ubisoft’s E3 briefing.

It’s a nice little trip down memory lane for a game that, despite initial lukewarm reception, has continued to update itself and provide new content for its community. With Ubisoft already promising to show more for the game off at E3, For Honor fans should rest easy knowing that they’ll continue to have new things to experience.

Speaking of new things, For Honor did recently include a Training Mode in one of their recent updates, and it allows players to get acclimated to the game before they head out for battle. For more on that, check out below:

The Apprentice Trials and the Warriors Trials will be the perfect places for newcomers to get acquainted with the controls, learn basic and more advanced techniques before entering the battlefield. A grading system will give players the opportunity to replay and measure their progression. The Training Arena will give advanced players the opportunity to further perfect their mastery of the Art of Battle and customize their training experience by practicing against specific Heroes or move sets. The update will also introduce the Training Media, an in-game library for tutorials. Here players will find videos on game modes, the faction war, and quick info on in-game features.

For Honor is available now.

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