Uber’s Windows 10 Mobile app will stop working on 1st June

Uber for Windows 10
Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

The past few months have been more about waving goodbye to
Windows Phones apps. Earlier this year, Uber confirmed
that its app available for Windows Phones will be
retired. Uber was one of the feature-rich apps available
in the Microsoft Store and it was also integrated into Cortana,
Windows 10’s digital assistant.

Uber today released a new update for its Windows 10 app. The
updated version of Uber shows a notice which informs Windows
Phone users that the app will stop functioning on 1st June.

Uber is shutting down its Windows 10 Mobile app to concentrate
on Android and iPhone. Uber’s departure from the Microsoft
Store for Windows Phone took place rather quietly. The company
last year pushed several updates to its UWP app on mobile with
new features. However, in the past few months, the app was
no longer able to find location and no updates were
released to fix these issues.

When users reached out to Uber, the company confirmed that the
Windows 10 app is no longer supported. “We’re no longer
supporting app on Windows. You can use Uber with the following
smart devices instead: iPhone (iOS 7 or newer) and Android
(Jelly Bean or newer),” Uber said earlier this year.

Today, Uber for Windows 10 received a new update to confirm
that the company is indeed abandoning its app. “Starting 01
June 2018, the Uber app will no longer be supported on Windows
devices. Please visit m.uber.com on your mobile or
desktop browser to request a ride,” the announcement reads.

Windows 10 Mobile users who don’t want to switch to Android or
iOS to continue running Uber can browse their website in
Microsoft Edge browser. Uber’s website is a PWA and it works
really well on Windows Phones. Needless to say, Microsoft Edge
could be the best way to cope with the removal of the app.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 Mobile’s Edge browser doesn’t support
PWA features such as notifications and offline content.
Microsoft itself confirmed that Edge browser on Windows 10
Mobile won’t receive PWA support and no new feature updates are
planned for the platform.

Android and iOS are obviously the preferred choices for
developers. Microsoft is, however, betting big on Progressive
Web App (PWA) and it could finally fix the app gap.

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