Twitter PWA receives another new update with autoplay videos and more

Twitter PWA for Windows 10

Twitter which released its PWA (Progressive Web App) for
Windows 10 some time ago has been constantly adding new
features to the application. Twitter PWA is a web app that
works across all devices like the web, Windows 10 and Android.

The social media giant in its previous update on Windows 10
pushed out some neat features which were missing from the
application. The
previous update on Windows 10 brought support for Windows
Timeline along with letting users to upload videos. The
company also added the option to add videos to tweets with 15MB

To continue with the trend the company has now pushed out
another new update to its Twitter PWA on Windows 10 device.
Unlike the previous update, the latest update can be downloaded
via the Microsoft Store.

The latest update comes with the option of autoplay videos and
animated GIF’s. These features were already added to the
Twitter application in the previous update last week which was
a server side update, but were not available to all users at
that time.

Now with the update via Microsoft Store the latest features are
available to all users across devices along with the features
included in the previous update. It generally is very hard to
know as to what are the new features added to the PWA’s since
the update happens server side and hence the company has
provided release
notes which was confirmed by Twitter’s Charlie Croom.

“One downside of PWAs is that it can be hard to tell when
things change; there’s no version notes in the store 🙁 To try
and keep people in the loop with changes, we’re starting web
release notes (incl os specific)”.

PWA’s has been a great initiative by the Redmond Giant and
Twitter has been very supportive of the initiative and has been
regularly pushing out updates to its application on Windows 10.

The latest update to the Twitter PWA is available via Microsoft
Store and you can download it by going to the Microsoft Store
on your Windows 10 PC.

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