Twitter down: Site stops working for users around the world

Twitter for Windows 10

Online news and social networking service Twitter is down in
many parts of the world. According to reports from users on
DownDetector, the latest major issue to Twitter website is not
letting users access the platform.

Users in the United States, Europe and Asia are unable to
access the site today. The majority of Twitter users are facing
problems using the web or desktop version specifically. Twitter
for Windows 10, Android and iOS is also experiencing the

“Something is technically wrong – Thanks for noticing—we’re
going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon,” the
error reads.

It looks like the outage began at 2:45PM EST and it is also
hitting Tweetdeck, a platform that offers advanced Twitter

As per the latest, Twitter website did load for the users, but
a new error ‘We’re having trouble loading your timeline’

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