Twitter announces ‘Hide Replies’ feature to add more control over conversations


Social media networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to some extent has become one of the easy targets for trolls, fake news and spreading negative comments.

To fight it out, various platforms are coming up with new features that would allow users to better control the privacy of their conversations. In this regard, the micro-blogging website Twitter is working a feature called “Hide Replies”, starting with users in Canada which will be rolled out globally.

With this feature, users will be able to hide replies in the conversation threads that are negative or offensive. Having said that, followers can still see the hidden replies just by pressing the new icon. According to the micro-blogging website, this feature enables users to have a more healthy conversation.

A few hours later, Twitter updated, “Update: we’re turning off the experiment on Android to fix some crash issues we’ve run into. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s back on”

All said and done, it is unclear when it might expand to other countries. Rolling out this feature depends more on the feedback it receives through the test. Lately, Twitter introduced several changes to its platform including a dedicated ‘Report’ option, ability to Retweet with GIF, photos and video as well.

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