Turn-based strategy RPG Tears of Avia launches this summer

Tears of Avia

PQube will publish CooCooSqueaky-developed turn-based strategy RPG Tears of Avia for Xbox One and PC this summer, the company announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website:


Build a party of charismatic allies and utilize the vast skill-tree system to combine classes and skills in a limitless number of ways. Lead your party across Estera in search of the lost city of Avalon, engaging in thrilling turn-based battles in this unique tactical experience.

Key Features

  • Customize Your Party to Your Own Play StyleTears of Avia richly rewards build-craft. Carefully combine Ranger, Warrior, Mage, Brawler Priest classes to create a party suited to your own tactical strengths.
  • Expansive Skill-Tree System – Customize and combine skills and discover the limitless ways in which they chain and react to one another—with profound consequences!
  • Dynamic Storyline – The choices you make within your party shape the way the story unfolds and effects the dynamic of your party. Side missions are triggered by discussions between different characters.
  • Weapons-Based Skills – The 100s of in-game skills can be derived both from class and the weapons you equip each character with to add a new layer of strategy.
  • Explore a Vast and Immersive World – Traverse the beautiful and varied regions of Estera in search of the forgotten city of Avalon and a love lost hundreds of years previously.
  • Nothing is Black and White – There are no right or wrong actions, but every action has consequences that can shape the way your journey unfolds…

Watch a new trailer below.

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