TSA plans to complete upgrade to Windows 10 this year

Windows 10 platform
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The US Government is slowly upgrading their systems to
Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. It appears that
Windows 10 is the most prefered operating system for the United
States government, and the Department of Homeland Security
(DHS) will be pushing Windows 10 upgrade across their network,
including TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an
agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), plans
to complete the upgrade by the end of the year. It appears that
the department is upgrading to Windows 10 because of its
security. The department believes Windows 10 would help the
agency work more efficiently and securely.

TSA CIO Russell Roberts in a statement praised the Windows 10
operating system for its security and reliability.

“From a security perspective it gives us a lot of the
opportunities to give us some of the hunt tools that we need to
have out there for Windows 10. It should be a significant
enhancement for the security. We are addressing the multiple
tools to detect, monitor and respond and that all ties into
Windows 10. That will help us with the new computers and all
the end points out there,” TSA CIO Russell Robert said in a

A report from FedTech
claims that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
hopes to complete the migration to Windows 10 by December, and
the agency is almost on track to finalize the process. It’s
likely the upgrade will complete by end of this year.

Most of the DHS agencies will also upgrade to Windows 10, and
they’re in the process to complete the transition this year.
It’s a priority for all the agencies,
including Immigration and Customs Enforcement
and Emergency Management Agency.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is growing slowly, and
it’s quite obvious that the large-scale upgrade would
contribute to the market share. In the UK,
NHS is also embracing the platform, and it’s a living proof
that Windows 10 is the most prefered OS for organizations.

Microsoft recently revealed that the adoption of the Windows 10
is improving at a moderate pace. Most recently,
Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 is running on 700 million
active devices. Needless to say, the original plan to bring
Windows 10 on 1 billion devices by the end of FY 2018 failed,
but the company will achieve this goal by next year.

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