Trump’s twist on favorite acronym lumps Microsoft and Amazon into ‘MAGA’ with Google and Apple

A tech take on Donald Trump’s MAGA hat. (Washington Post Hat Generator)

The meaning behind President Trump’s favorite acronym was reimagined with a tech twist in the Oval Office at the White House on Tuesday as the president lumped the most successful companies in the world into “MAGA.”

“Make America Great Again” has been a familiar slogan for Trump since he ran for and won the presidency. But in holding up a makeshift sign at his desk, Trump used the first letters of Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple to spell MAGA. The four companies were listed under the header “Trillion $ Club” as Trump was making note of their success in the stock market.

The display was captured in a photo tweet by Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason.

Microsoft led the way in market cap at the close of the market on Tuesday at $1.4 trillion, followed closely by Apple at $1.39 trillion, Amazon at $1.07 trillion and Google at $1.03 trillion.

Trump was signing S.153, The Supporting Veterans in STEM Careers Act, which is designed to encourage military veterans to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, and make them eligible for certain National Science Foundation programs.

As the president prepared to take questions from assembled media, it didn’t appear that he was entirely sure what he had just signed.

“Go ahead, ask on stem cells,” he said to reporters as he tapped on the legislation on his desk. Watch the beginning of the video below for yourself:

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