Trove – Geode Launches Today, Have Fun Exploring A New Planet


Trove – Geode Launches Today, Have Fun Exploring A New Planet

June 26, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

This just in. Trion Worlds is letting everyone know that the latest Trove expansion, Geode, has arrived today. This particular update to the MMO features a brand new planet that gives players a chance to explore a seemingly endless network of caves. The beauty of it is that the expansion is free and it includes an all-new Bomber Royale mode, “a fast and frenetic free-for-all mode where players enter a battlefield and chuck bombs at each other until only one Trovian is left standing.”

Word is that Trove – Geode is the next chapter in the Trove universe, “with combat taking a backseat to exploration, as players discover new collectibles and companions, embarking on story-driven quests through Geode’s maze of tunnels and cave systems.”

Also, players get to climb to great heights of Mastery, gathering amassing a selection of styles to customize their look and a massive selection of weapons, costumes, hats, mounts, wings, and more.

Those who are interested in this one should know that in the weird world of Geode people will stumble upon all sorts of cool things. Of course, as you explore Geode’s labyrinthian caves, you’ll run into eggs and will be able to hatch them into companions that can accompany you on your journey, thus offering special benefits.

During the first phase of the expansion, players have to collect and explore the caves of Geode, albeit their main objective is to save the planet and that kicks off later in 2018.

Trove – Geode hits the market today, June 26, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For additional info check out the Trove web site.

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