Trials of Mana ‘Character Prologue Digest: Riesz’ trailer

Trials of Mana

Square Enix has released the Riesz “Character Prologue Digest” trailer for Trials of Mana.

Here is an overview of Riesz, via our previous coverage:

Highborn captain of Laurent’s Amazon Guard.

Riesz is the young princess of the mountainous kingdom of Laurent and captain of the renowned Amazon guard. She has a will of iron and down-to-earth manner. Though some might call her stubborn, Riesz is always there to lend a hand to those who need it. She lost her mother as a child and since then has tried to help raise her little brother Elliot. Her topmost priorities are her father, brother, and kingdom.

Previous trailers introduced Hawkeye, Charlotte, Kevin, Angela and Duran.

Trials of Mana is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam worldwide on April 24, 2020. Read more about the game here.

Watch the trailer below.

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