Trials of Mana ‘Character Prologue Digest: Charlotte’ trailer [Update]

Trials of Mana

Square Enix has released the Charlotte “Character Prologue Digest” trailer for Trials of Mana.

Here is an overview of Kevin, via our previous coverage:

Half-elf young maiden of Holy City Wendel.

Charlotte is the granddaughter of Wendel’s Priest of Light. She looks much younger than she is thanks to the elfin blood in her veins. Perhaps because of this, she has always been coddled by the people who raised her in the temple. Charlotte’s bright and outgoing personality can be both an asset and a hindrance. Though curious, she’s superstitious and a bit of a scaredy-cat.

Previous trailers introduced Kevin, Angela and Duran.

Trials of Mana is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam worldwide on April 24, 2020. Read more about the game here.

Watch the trailer below.

Update 11/25/19 at 10:30 p.m.: Square Enix has released an English-subtitled version. Watch it below.

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