Touhou Spell Bubble launches February 6 in Japan

Touhou Spell Bubble

Touhou Project rhythm puzzle game Touhou Spell Bubble will launch for Switch via the Nintendo eShop on February 6 for 5,800 yen, Taito announced. Pre-load is available now.

Taito also announced the full list of arists who will provide the Touhou arrange music for the game. The full list of artist is as follows:

  • Akatsuki Records
  • Amateras Records
  • A-One
  • Beat Mario
  • Butaotome
  • Demetori
  • EastNewSound
  • FELT
  • Kishida Kyoudan The Akeboshi Rockets
  • Liz Triangle
  • Masayoshi Minoshima
  • RD-Sounds
  • Sekkenya
  • ShibayanRecords
  • ShinRa-Bansho
  • Silver Forest
  • TamaOnSen
  • TaNaBaTa
  • Yuuhei Satellite

Read more about the game here.

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