Top 10 Android Apps of May 2019!

Top 10 Android Apps of May 2019!
Top 10 Android Apps of May 2019!

AndroidTechNews.Com – Application developers push envelopes every day to try to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experience. In fact, so many Android applications come out every day that it’s difficult to track everything. It’s difficult for us, the best of the best, but if you are bored with what you have and want to try something new, see the best new Android application from last month! You can watch videos from last month by clicking here! You can check out our choices for the best Android application from 2018 in the video above!

In June there are many applications that you deserve to download for free in the PlayStore now. You are certainly a person who is always up-to-date on some of the latest applications that are in trend. Well below is the best Android Apps of June 2019, including:

1. Steam Chat

The Valve released this week one facing app just for the interaction between friends in the Stream. The idea of having a program exclusively for this is to help take care of privacy issues in platform messages in the mobile universe.

2. Petspot

This is an animal-oriented app that wants to share information about pets. The idea is to create a community on the subject, sharing experiences to joint actions for animals. Another idea is to make owners find their lost pets. You can indicate a found animal or one that has “disappeared”, in addition to posting others for adoption.

3. Magic Effects Bingo

This is a program for small editions in videos, especially for those who like to sing for the camera. It comes with some pre-assembled editing tips and suggests what you can do with your goal in mind.

Still, there are editing formats already prepared for social networks with effects, emojis and current filters, such as those of Instagram.

4. Racing Transformers Toons

Racing Transformers Toons here the cars can transform themselves into real robots and wipe out all the obstacles and opponents on they way to win the race of destiny, It’s going to be bumpy funny rides with special energy boost and special skills specific to each superhero transform car.Concept like crash team racing but is different

5. Screen Recorder

If you are looking for a good screen recorder for your smartphone, this can be an interesting app for you. As the name already suggests, it is meant for you to capture everything that is on the screen of your smartphone.

6. Zipline

This is a very simple game with a very interesting idea. Imagine that people are trapped in houseboats and you need to save them by creating a sort of cable car between these houses.

The problem is that you can not let your characters die or be crushed by the pulleys in the stage. So the challenge is to create the smallest path for everyone to come alive in the other home.

7. Archer

The last item on this list is a game. Archero brings an archery dynamic in which you need to face several styles. In story mode, you have to go through several bosses with your arrows, and can range in weapons that explode, freeze and other special abilities. Still, there is another way in which you have a certain number of arrows to achieve all targets.

8. Dot n Beat

The Dot n Beat is a rhythm game where you need to touch the screen to the music of each phase. The interesting part is that, unlike other games of the style, it does not follow just one pattern.

So in each phase, you tap the screen according to a different rhythm, also offering a different consequence for how your object reacts. The idea is that you need to learn at every new level how that song works.

9. My Music

The Xiaomi now has a music app to call your own. The program works like others in the category, bringing together all the files in various extensions within your device.

It does a scan on everything audio and separates into categories such as recordings, songs, and podcasts. Still, it allows you to create playlists with what you have saved on your device.

10. My Easy Shopping List

This is another game from the self-explanatory list. The idea here is to make it easier for you to create your shopping list. A lot of people use notebooks or even ” to do list ” apps to go to the market. However, this depends on whether you add by manually writing each missing item in the market.

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