Today on GeekWire: Elizabeth Warren in Seattle; Google and Dell vs. Microsoft; PAX losing its luster


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At a campaign stop in Seattle on Sunday, just a few blocks from Amazon’s headquarters and major Google and Facebook engineering centers, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren was surprisingly quiet on her call to break up big tech companies. So GeekWire decided to give her another chance. We stood by for more than four hours as the indefatigable Democratic presidential candidate followed through on her commitment to take a selfie with every single person at the event who wanted one. As the sun set on the Space Needle, we asked her to address the topic specifically for the first time that day. Here’s what she said.

Alexandria is doubling down with its decades-long bet on Seattle’s biotech industry. As the real estate developer closes in on a $143.5 million deal for the Mercer Mega Block, GeekWire health tech reporter James Thorne spoke to the firm’s executive chairman to learn why Alexandria is so bullish about the Seattle region. Read the story here.

Google and Dell are teaming up to challenge Microsoft’s bread-and-butter business with the first-ever Chromebook Enterprise devices. Here are the details.

Has PAX has lost its luster? The annual gaming convention, kicking off in Seattle later this week, has grown into a major industry event since its humble beginnings 15 years ago. That means more big publishers, fewer indie developers — and perhaps a crappier experience for attendees, says video game journalist Nicole Tanner. Read the column.

It was quite the scene at the iconic Pike Place Market on Sunday evening, where Seattle band The Head and The Heart played a free concert put on by Amazon Music. The event comes just days after the tech giant and CEO Jeff Bezos played host to pop star Katy Perry and hip-hop it man Lil Nas X with an employee-appreciation concert at CenturyLink Field.

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