Time to Save on Imports with Ultimate Summer Sale at Play-Asia


Time to Save on Imports with Ultimate Summer Sale at Play-Asia

May 18, 2018Written by Cameron Teague


Play Asian Ultimate Summer Sale

The Play-Asia ultimate summer sale is going on and if you have been looking for some great import deals, now is the time to visit Play Asia and take advantage of over 4000 products discounted, up to 90% off! There are over 17 pages of discounts for the PlayStation 4 and 5 pages for the PlayStation Vita. You can even find some really cool deals for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, should you feel so inclined.

Some of the highlights from the summer sale include:

PlayStation 4

  • Dragon Quest X: 5000 Year Journey to a Faraway Hometown $27.99
  • Dragon Quest XI Sugisarishi Toki O Motomete $66.99
  • Gintama Rumble (English Subs) $44.99
  • Hokuto Ga Gotoku $67.99
  • Monster Hunter World PS4 Starter Pack (Glacier White) $326.99
  • Monster Hunter World PS4 Starter Pack (Jet Black) $349.99
  • Punch Line $32.99
  • Shining Resonance Re:Frain [Preium Fan Box] $89.99
  • Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition $112.99
  • Super Robot Taisen X [Premium Anime & Sound Edition] $114.99
  • Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Limited Edition $99.99
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 $59.99
  • Ys Origin (Multi Language) $24.99

PlayStation Vita

  • Airship Q $13.99
  • Cyber Troopers: Virtual On X Toaru Majutsu No Index: Toaru Majutsu No Dennou Senki (Limited Edition) $99.99
  • Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory (English) $39.99
  • Gundam Breaker 3 (English Subs) $39.99
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Accessory Set for Vita $32.99
  • Moe Chronicle (English Subs) $34.99
  • Play-Asia PS Vita Pouch $1.99
  • Remote Play Assist Attachment for Vita Slim $19.99
  • Utagumi 575 [Premium Pack Limited Edition] $76.99

To see the rest of the sales, Click here for PS4 and PS Vita.  If you’re looking to purchase, you can save $3 by using the code “PSLIFE” at Play-Asia.com. Just remember to check this out while these items are still in stock.

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