TicWatch Pro gaining sleep tracking functionality, and it’s now on sale

TicWatch Pro sleep tracking

Mobvoi is adding a major new feature to its TicWatch Pro smartwatch, and to celebrate, it’s putting the watch on sale to celebrate.

The TicWatch Pro smartwatches, including the TicWatch Pro BT and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE, are gaining sleep tracking functionality. Launching alongside the feature is a TicSleep sleep monitoring app from Mobvoi.

With sleep tracking on the TicWatch Pro, your smartwatch will automatically detect when you’re asleep and start tracking it, meaning you don’t have to remember to press any buttons or anything like before you go to sleep. The watch can track your sleep cycles with its heart rate monitor, giving you an analysis of the time you spent sleeping along with your heart rate during every stage of the sleep cycle. And since it’s monitoring your sleep cycle, TicSleep can determine when you’re in a light sleeping state and wake you up with a subtle vibration.

TicSleep app TicWatch Pro

Other features of TicSleep include the ability to see your total sleep time for the previous night and compare it to your 7-day weekly average. You can also view your historical sleep data and track any changes on a weekly basis.

To try the TicWatch Pro’s new sleep tracking functionality, just download the TicSleep app from the Play Store.

Sleep monitoring can help to give you insights into your sleeping habits and perhaps even help you to learn how to sleep better. Lots of folks like to use smartwatches for tracking their fitness and workouts, but sleep tracking is another great way that you can try and improve your health, and so this is a nice addition to the TicWatch Pro.

To celebrate the launch of sleep tracking on the TicWatch Pro, you can now get Mobvoi’s smartwatch at a discounted price. The standard Bluetooth model is on sale at Amazon for $199.99 when you apply the coupon on the product page, while the 4G LTE model is discounted to $279 when you apply the on-page coupon.

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