TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro wireless earbuds have updated design, smaller case

Mobvoi TicPods 2 official

Mobvoi today introduced two new pairs of TicPods truly wireless earbuds, and you can pre-order them right now.

The TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro feature an updated design that Mobvoi says will help to channel sound into your ear canal for better audio without a the need for a silicone tip. The charging case for these earbuds has been updated as well, coming in at a size that’s 42% smaller than it’s predecessor so that it’s easier to carry the TicPod with you everywhere you go.

Of course, sound is important with earbuds, and Mobvoi says that it’s improved the audio with these new TicPods, too. The TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro use the Qualcomm aptX Audio encoder for clearer sound.

Other notable features of the TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro include quick pairing, in-ear detection, touch controls, and IPX4 water resistance. You can also use them to control your smartphone’s digital assistant by saying “Hey Tico” or by long-pressing your earbud.

TicPods 2 side

So what makes the TicPods 2 Pro so pro? First is TicHear, which lets you use quick voice commands to control your audio playback. Just say something like “Play Music” or “Next Song” while listening to music or “Pick Up” to answer an incoming call. You can also answer a phone call using the TicPods 2 Pro’s other exclusive feature called TicMotion, which enables you to nod your head twice to pick up a call or shake twice to decline it.

Finally, the TicPods 2 Pro includes dual mic noise cancellation, working to block out the noise around you so that you can better hear your music.

One other important feature of truly wireless earbuds is battery life. Mobvoi says you can expect to get 4 hours of continuous playback from both the TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro. With the charging case, the TicPods 2 will get you 23 hours of battery life, while the TicPods 2 Pro will get 20 hours. If you need to recharge your TicPods and don’t have much time, you can get 1 hour or playback with just 5 minutes of charging.

The TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro are available for pre-order starting today from Mobvoi and Amazon. Pricing for the TicPods 2 will be set at $99 while the TicPods 2 Pro will cost $139. Customers who buy before the pre-order period ends at 9:00 am PT on January 15th can save 10% on a new pair of TicPods.

TicPods 2 blue

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