This year’s first Windows 10 feature update is now one step closer to release

Windows 10 first update of year

For the past few months, Microsoft has been internally working
on Windows 10 Spring 2021 update with bug fixes and
improvements. Starting February, the update is being developed
more openly, including accepting feedback from Windows

Unlike the October 2020 Update, Windows 10 version 21H1 has
been something of a skunkworks project, with Microsoft
remaining quiet about its true purpose. Last month, Microsoft
published the first preview build of version 21H1, but only
some users were allowed to download it.

That changes today, as the company has now approved ‘broad
deployment’ of Windows 10 version 21H1. This will allow
Microsoft to test the installation and rollout process of the
update before releasing it to the non-Insiders.

Microsoft also appears to be using AI and machine learning to
understand the user experience. As the company has now
started broad deployment in the Insider, more data will be
collected and more precise testing will occur.

Testing the version 21H1 update

Based on the data, Microsoft will target the same
configurations in the first phase of the public rollout, which
could begin in May or June.

Build 19043 update

Overall, this move is a very strong sign of version 21H1 pubic
release, putting it one step closer to an eventual launch. For
now, though, Microsoft emphasizes that Spring Update is not yet
ready for primetime, so don’t go trying to run the update as
your primary OS.

What to expect

Microsoft has already confirmed that version 21H1 has been
feature-locked, which means Microsoft is only working on
stabilising the release and addressing any bugs that may pop up
on production machines.

According to the changelog, the update will introduce
improvements for Windows Hello and Group Policy editor.

Bigger changes are currently planned for the fall of this year
and Microsoft has already confirmed that it’s working on
next generation of Windows with new features.

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