This is Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Neo with Windows 10X

Microsoft has revealed the Surface Neo – the company’s
first-ever dual-screen Surface device and it’s not a completely
finished product. Microsoft has revealed the Surface Neo a year
before its launch to bring developers “along for the
journey” and build the best experience.

It has two displays and both are connected by a hinge designed
by the same team behind Surface Book, and it comes with a
detachable keyboard as well. The keyboard for Surface Neo works
wirelessly and it allows the device to adapt in multiple form
factors, including a laptop-mode.

Surface Neo has a power button, a volume rocker and as well as
ability to magnetically hold a keyboard on its back.

Surface Neo wonderbar


It comes with a large two displays protected with Gorilla
Glass, and it is the thinnest LCD display ever created,
according to Microsoft. The Surface Neo weighs 655 grams and
it’s extremely thin and light, unlike the other dual-screen
products we’ve seen in the market.

The Surface Neo runs Windows 10X, a new version of Microsoft’s
desktop operating system that ditches Start menu’s live tiles
for standard icons. And it’s powered by Intel Lakefield

Surface Neo is still in development alongside with Windows 10X
and will be available next holiday –  2020.

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