Third time’s a charm: Cygnus load boat finally gets launched to a space station


Northrop Grumman’s robotic Cygnus load booster is on a approach to a International Space Station after dual launch postponements.

  • The Cygnus carried from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia during 3:21 p.m. ET (12:21 p.m. PT) currently atop Northrop Grumman’s Antares rocket. The launch was behind twice: The initial try was scrubbed 6 days ago due to an emanate with belligerent support equipment, and a second try scheduled for Friday was called off due to excessively high upper-level winds.
  • Almost 4 tons’ value of payloads are packaged inside a cylindrical booster — including uninformed fruit, cheddar and manchego cheese, and candy (Skittles, Hot Tamales, and Mike and Ike gummies) for a space station’s crew. Among a scholarship experiments on house is a initial nucleus microscope to fly in space, built by a Seattle startup called Voxa.
  • Arrival during a space hire is set for Tuesday. The organisation will squeeze onto a spaceship with a station’s robotic arm and insert in to a berth, where it will stay until May. This Cygnus qualification has been named a S.S. Robert H. Lawrence Jr., in respect of a initial African-American ever comparison as an astronaut. Lawrence was killed in a 1967 jet pile-up that occurred during his training for a space mission.

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