Thieves Execute Mission Impossible Style Heist Of $100K In Apple Gear From Best Buy

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A gang of thieves in Georgia must be big fans of Ethan Hunt and the Mission Impossible series. The thieves had their eyes on expensive Apple gear located in a Best Buy store, and decided that rather than go through the front door (or even more inconspicuously through the back entrance) it would be better to go in through the roof. 

These thieves decided to cut a hole through the roof of the Best Buy and rappel down into the store. In fact, they were so meticulous in their heist that they lowered themselves down right into a storage room that had was filled with a highly-profitable stash of iPhones, iPads, and MacBook/MacBook Pro computers. In total, the burglars made off with over $100,000 in loot.

Unfortunately for Best Buy (and law enforcement), there were no surveillance cameras inside the store to capture the criminals in the act. However, law enforcement officials are hopeful that outside camera footage from Best Buy and other surrounding stores might help in identifying the criminals.

This rather “unique” method for carrying out a burglary has also been used in Florida and Texas. It’s quite possible that that they are all related, which is why law enforcement is rather eager to find these wannabe IMF agents.

Apple gear is often a target of criminals due to the high price tag of the devices and their excellent resale value. Back in November, thieves brazenly stole 300 launch day iPhone X smartphones destined for a San Francisco Apple Store right off a UPS truck as it was making deliveries at a local Macy’s store. 

That heist netted the robber $300,000 in hardware. However, given that Apple can easily track down the IMEI of stolen iPhones and deactivate them, it’s likely that anyone that bought one of those devices (or the ones recently stolen from Best Buy) will have a very expensive paperweight on their hands.

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