These Galaxy phones can run Android apps directly within Windows 10

Samsung phones

Microsoft’s Your Phone app can help you get messages, photos,
notifications and calls from your mobile device on Windows 10,
but the software maker has an exclusive partnership with
Samsung to enhance this experience with support for Android
apps streaming apps.

Samsung owners already had exclusive clipboard sync feature
that allows them to move files between their Galaxy phones and
computer, provided the Galaxy phone support ‘Link to Windows’

Microsoft’s partnership with Samsung ensures that Galaxy
products like the Galaxy S20 and A50 get new Windows
integrations first. For example, Windows 10’s latest feature
called ‘Apps’, which allows you to stream Android apps to
desktop, is only available for select Galaxy phones.

Windows 10’s Your Phone app Android streaming feature was
previously available for testers in the Windows Insider program
only. Now, Microsoft has officially confirmed that you can
stream apps of your Galaxy phone to Windows 10 devices without
upgrading to an Insider preview build.

To use the streaming feature in Your Phone, the two devices
need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network, and this saves you
from searching around for your mobile device every time you
want to access your mobile apps.

With Windows 10’s streaming feature, you can navigate to the
all apps list of your Galaxy phone on desktop and pin apps to
the taskbar or Start Menu. Once done, you can easily access
your mobile apps without unlocking the Samsung phone.

The feature does at least work with all app types. If it’s on
your device, Your Phone will be able to access it without
special permissions. Unfortunately, you need to have a
supported phone for Windows 10 Android apps streaming feature,
and the list of support hardware doesn’t even include all
Samsung’s flagships or mid-range phones.

This streaming support will only work on Samsung’s flagships
and mid-range phones from 2018 and 2020 including the Galaxy
S10, S20, Note10, Note20, A50, and others.

Galaxy phones supported

If you do have any of those supported devices, you should head
to the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 and check for updates.

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