The US carrier Verizon removes Microsoft Lumia listing from its website

Microsoft Lumia 735
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The death of Windows Phone has certainly been one of the most
discussed topics in the last couple of years. The way software
giant embraced regarding its mobile strategy backfired the
company and Microsoft ultimately decided to discontinue the
most-loved smartphone platform.

Microsoft has already confirmed that their mobile business has
no future and Windows Phone platform has been discontinued.

A while ago the US carrier Verizon stopped selling the
Microsoft Lumia 735 handset but the phone was still listed on
its online store, despite it was out of stock.

Verizon last week removed the listing of the Lumia phone from
its official website, and the decision indicates that the
carrier has no plans to sell the Microsoft-branded Windows
Phones again. Needless to say, it’s not a big deal since the
Lumia phone was already out of stock on Verizon website for
many months.

The removal of Lumia phone from Verizon store also confirms the
complete demise of Microsoft’s Windows Phones in the United

Microsoft Store has also stopped offering Lumia models on its
website and the third-party resellers have also discontinued
the sale of the Windows Phones. While on the other hand, the

third-party Windows Phones the HP Elite X3 and Alcatel IDOL 4S
recently returned back to the Microsoft’s website, but the
phones are once again out of stock.

Microsoft has already stopped making new Windows Phone devices
and no new feature updates are planned for Windows 10 Mobile
operating system as the company failed to transform the
new OS into a successful platform. The support will continue to
be provided until late-2019, so devices such as Lumia 950s, HP
Elite x3 and Alcatel IDOL 4S will get security updates every
month for more than one year. The devices would be completely
abandoned in 2020.

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